7 incredibly useful Notion templates for students

Notion is increasingly becoming popular across many different audiences. It is often described as an all-in-one workspace. Though you can use the app in many different ways (e.g., a task list, a product roadmap, a notebook, or a journal), I use it to keep track of all of my projects, especially my work on this site.

Notion serves as my home base and as an all-purpose productivity app. It has unique features, such as databases, calendar and timeline views, kanban boards, gallery views, and tables that make the app truly spectacular.

Starting a Notion workspace from scratch can be challenging. I recently recommended the app to a student, who was immediately overwhelmed by the many features of the app. Notion has different use cases, which can make the actual product challenging to grasp.

However, I’ve found that the pre-designed Notion templates make it easier to get started with Notion. These templates generally give users a head start in the specific areas of school, work, or life that they intend to use Notion to organize.

The Notion template gallery is a fantastic resource for ready-made templates. I am always looking to implement or adapt what other Notion users have created.

Below are a few templates I’ve curated for students. These templates appear in no particular order. They offer examples for students looking to create their own workspaces. With these templates, students will be able to organize their academic goals and plans, course notes and assignments, and any other area of life that needs organizing.

1. Class notes

Class notes is a free and easy to use template. It allows students to keep all of their class notes in one place. The format allows users to capture all of your notes across subjects, with a pre formatted time stamp that is inserted as soon as you create a new row. Once you have your notes, you can maneuver between lists, name views, courses, and much more, making reading more accessible.

2. The Campus Life Organizer

This template, created by Will Ma, is another good one for students. In addition to organizing your school schedule, the template has a habit tracker, a job application tracker, and a budget tracker— all useful additions for students. The Campus Life Organizer is great because it can help students at all stages of their coursework or degree.

3. Start-Up 101 Notion Template

Colleges generally offer entrepreneurial centers where students can pitch and grow their ideas. If you are a student who is interested in bringing their business idea to life or want to create a new social network, consider using the Start-Up 101 Notion template. Diondraya Taylor, a Ph.D. student from UCLA, created the template to help students and entrepreneurs grow and develop their business ideas. It is an idea generation board that helps users create a concept and bring it to life, using the special tools and instructions included in the template.

4. Student dashboard

This student dashboard offers a way of keeping track and planning all your academic events. It notifies you about upcoming exams and due assignments, helps you keep up with your to-do list, and has space to take notes. This template allows you to access all of these events on a dashboard. It also comes with music and a timer to help you study.

5. Reading List

This Notion template can help students keep up with the books they read and the notes they make from them. It gives users the option of adding the book title they are reading or interested in reading to the library. Users can also add the author, reading status, start and end dates, number of pages, and the overall rating of the book. Such a database can also be useful for tracking articles.

6. Minimalist Habit Tracker Template for Notion

The Minimalist Habit Tracker Template for Notion, developed by Thomas Frank, allows you to easily and efficiently track your habits. Using this notion template is straightforward, as it comes with a video tutorial with instructions on how to complete tasks that help record your habits. You can use it comfortably on your phone, and it provides weekly progress summaries.

7. All-Purpose Notebook

The All-Purpose Notebook template is a multifunctional template for students. Users can save documents, notes, code snippets, and links which are then organized into topics that can be filtered in multiple ways. It shows you a preview of the file before you open it, and if you have been working on a project or some notes within the past week, they will all appear in a default view. You can also use your own custom artwork with this template.

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A note on using Notion templates

Notion templates can be found on forums and websites all across the web. There are useful instructions for duplicating and using such template. In general, no download is required. Just open the template, find the duplicate button and click on it to begin.

A Notion template is usually created by someone else and made available for others to use and modify. With free or paid access, you can use most user created templates without special permission. The Notion user base is growing, so the template gallery is sure to keep expanding.

Once you become a pro at making your own templates, be sure to credit anyone whose work you build from.


Students can use Notion templates to organize their busy lives. Take advantage of the free Notion templates to get a feel for making your own workspace before opting to start from scratch.

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