MyStudentHQ is a space to write about what I learn. This year, like many others, I have committed to learning and writing in public.1

You may be asking, “what does it mean to learn and write in public”?

In simple terms, learning and writing in public means that I will write about what I learn, showcase the tools and resources I use, and show my work or unfinished products. Doing so boldly means that I am writing and publishing posts without fear–freeing myself from the plague of perfection.


In general, I am learning how to use stata for statistical analyses. Next, I will turn to R or python. I am also interested in web development and want to learn the basics of HTML and CSS–especially if I intend to keep this site going. I plan to begin these topics, then move on to others.

I am also interested in exploring new apps, especially research, writing, and project management tools. I may, at times, also discuss apps or resources that I come across while learning a topic.

My interest in these topics and my commitment to sharing what I learn may encourage me to stick with this hobby long term.

My commitment

At the moment, MyStudentHQ is a hobby–but I hope it becomes something larger.

I want everyone who lands on this site to engage with the posts with this in mind. My hiccups, roadblocks, challenges, and even successes, may be helpful to some readers.

I encourage anyone who lands on this site to commit to learning and writing boldly.

1 Learning in public is analogous to building in public for software developers.

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