MyStudentHq online writing accountability group

To encourage everyone, at all stages, to write, I have implemented an online WAG. It is a variation of the writing accountability group format I’ve described previously.

We will use fiveable, an online group study website, which I include in my post on the top 5 online study websites and virtual work spaces.

You do not need an account to sign up. You’ll only be asked to add your name so that we know who has joined each session.

The room will always be available to accommodate different time zones. Feel free to join at any time to work with others who are already on. I envision users from all around the world.

Please keep in mind that only those with the link will be allowed to join. However, you may share the link with others looking for online writing or study groups.

Once you are on, you may use the chat to tell others what you will be working on , but side convos should be minimal. I recently learned that fiveable may be returning its video feature. If so, cameras will be optional. As a general courtesy, when available, mics should always be muted.

The Rules

In summary:

  1. Use the chat to tell others what you will be working on (optional).
  2. Mics (when available): Please keep mics muted.
  3. Camera (when available): Optional.
  4. Chat: Side convos should be minimal.

I will be on daily to work on my dissertation and I look forward to writing with you!