7 incredibly useful Notion templates for students

Notion is increasingly becoming popular across many different audiences. It is often described as an all-in-one workspace. Though you can use the app in many different ways (e.g., a task list, a product roadmap, a notebook, or a journal), I use it to keep track of all of my projects, especially my work on this site.

Notion serves as my home base and as an all-purpose productivity app. It has unique features, such as databases, calendar and timeline views, kanban boards, gallery views, and tables that make the app truly spectacular.

Starting a Notion workspace from scratch can be challenging. I recently recommended the app to a student, who was immediately overwhelmed by the many features of the app. Notion has different use cases, which can make the actual product challenging to grasp.

However, I’ve found that the pre-designed Notion templates make it easier to get started with Notion. These templates generally give users a head start in the specific areas of school, work, or life that they intend to use Notion to organize.

The Notion template gallery is a fantastic resource for ready-made templates. I am always looking to implement or adapt what other Notion users have created.

Below are a few templates I’ve curated for students. These templates appear in no particular order. They offer examples for students looking to create their own workspaces. With these templates, students will be able to organize their academic goals and plans, course notes and assignments, and any other area of life that needs organizing.