15+ questions to consider when choosing the best note-taking app

I am increasingly interested and fascinated by the tools, systems, and processes we use to do our work. Choosing the right tools for yourself or a team is not always easy. There are many things to consider, including which app or system you’ll use and how the app or tool will fit into your workflow. This post outlines 15+ questions to consider when choosing a note-taking app.

Pricing and general affinity for the product

  1. Is there a free trial? Always start with a trial of the product.
  2. Can I afford a monthly or yearly subscription? If you decide that you like the app following the free trial, can you afford it?
  3. Do I like this tool? We should enjoy using the tools we rely on to get our work done.
  4. Are my feelings about this tool based on what others think? Or does it meet my needs? Do not bend to fit tools; allow them to fit within and enhance your workflow.

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Requirements and app features

  1. What requirements do I need? This is an important question to consider.
  2. What features does the note-taking tool provide? Think about what you do when you are writing or creating a document.
  3. Will I still use pen and paper, or am I going paperless? This is a relatively straightforward question to consider.

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Writing, saving, importing and exporting, integration with other apps, and collaboration.

  1. Am I comfortable writing in the format that it provides? It is essential to consider how you want to take notes and how you want those notes to appear.
  2. Can I export my notes? Can I import my notes? It is also crucial to know if you can import and export notes.
  3. How are my notes saved? It is also important to know where and how your notes are saved.
  4. Does the app integrate with some of the other tools I use? Another consideration is whether the app integrates with some of the other tools you use.
  5. Can I collaborate with others? For some people, this is essential; for others, it is not important.

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Community, philosophy, data privacy

  1. How’s the community? You might care how helpful community members are to one another.
  2. What is the company’s philosophy? You may care how company leaders and employees interact with users online.
  3. What is the pace of development? This may or may not be as important to you, but it is an important consideration.
  4. What are my views on data privacy? Data privacy is gaining increased attention. Do you hold strong views in this area? How does that affect which apps you use?

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These questions should be treated simply as a guide rather than a ranking system. Everyone is different. Some individuals may value privacy over pricing, while others may value aesthetics (the look and feel of the app) over privacy. 

Consider what works for you.

Stay tuned for more posts on note-taking, writing, and general productivity.

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