Questions to consider when choosing the best note-taking app: Community, philosophy, data privacy

So you want to find the best note-taking app. This post is part of the series on questions to consider when choosing the note-taking app that will work for you or your team.

Today, we focus on the community that uses the app, company philosophy, and data privacy.

How’s the community?

On forums, including Discord, Twitter, Reddit, telegram, and other social corners of the internet, how do users of the app interact with one another? Also, how do they talk about the tools they are not using? Why bash other creators? Use what works for you. You might care how helpful community members are to one another.

What is the company’s philosophy?

Relatedly, how do company leaders and employees interact with users online? Are developers building in public? Is the app open source? Can other users contribute to its development? Are these defining points or criteria for you or things that do not matter?

What is the pace of development?

This one may not seem too important, yet the limited development of Evernote over a long period led to immense frustration from long-term users. Apps like Notion, Nimbus note, and Ample note seem to have picked up when Evernote lagged.

What are my views on data privacy?

Data privacy is gaining increased attention. Do you hold strong views in this area? How does that affect which apps you use? You may also consider the following questions. Does the app allow data encryption? How and where are your credentials stored? Is it safe to store or capture sensitive information?

Stay tuned for more posts on note-taking, writing, and general productivity.

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